During test run the MVP demonstrated excellent metrics

Is the user retention on the 30th day after installation. The world’s average is about 20%

is the MVP user rating in Google Play

is a number of brands wishing to take part in the very first MVP run.

Market for mobile application ARGO

Every year the average number of people interacting with augmented reality increases by 35%. Almost 2.5 billion people start and end their day on the smartphone screen.

The necessity of integration of AR into everyday routine is no more a subject of discussion. The question is who makes it first.


For the moment the team’s main goal is to gather like-minded people among future users and use their feedback to define the vectors of ARGO construction.

The Pre ICO financial aim is to gather 531 ETH.

Capitalization is growing following the volume of the audience.

As early as 2017 AR provides growth of 186.5% compared to 2016. By 2021, experts predict an increase in revenues to 215 billion dollars.

The financial potential of the market for ARGO is huge. The distance from $ 11.4 to $ 215 billion will be overcome in just 4 years.

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