ARGO is an entertaining space in augmented reality

Detailed product description

For the generation Z online has become a customary habitat. Those businesses who can endow the physical world around with all the properties of the digital one will strategically win.

In July 2017 within the framework of this logic we launched to the market our minimum viable product Go2me.

It was a series of mobile quests using augmented reality. Players enjoyed a variety of tangible prizes – goods and coupons for popular brands. The MVP was done in partnership with one of the largest shopping centers in Minsk.


Basic usage scenario

  1. The user enters the screen with a list of gifts. Tap on one of the gifts initiates the map mode;
  2. On the map one sees a variety of sites with AR-games sites, quests, places of interactions of users;
  3. A victory in a certain AR game brings user score points;
  4. When required amount of points is obtained the “Collect prize” button and timer go on;
  5. The delivery of gifts is carried out in the places specified by the rules. The QR code is scanned to confirm the transaction.
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